The man behind the harmonica

I've been lucky to get to play with Ethan Miller a lot lately. I was posting some recordings from my latest performances and I realized Ethan was in almost every one of them. Here's a  short highlight real of some of the great harmonica playing I was lucky enough to record:

He was also generous enough to let me include a short bio about him on my website.

“Ethan B. Miller has played everywhere in Boston lending his edgy and melodic harmonica licks to musicians of every genre.” – Tim KO

Ethan blends blues riffs and country melody with his cross harp style. He can add a whisper to the musical background or cut to the front of the room with a lead solo. With a wide variety of musical taste he can be found playing with Americana bands, blues musicians, Reggae groups and singer-songwriters.  

Thanks to Ethan for playing with me!