Having a beer with the Bourbon Chasers

I hadn’t even opened the door yet, and I could hear the edgy mix of country and rock n' roll inside. I walked into Devlin’s restaurant and grabbed a stool at the long wooden bar to listen to the Bourbon Chasers, a local country rock band dominating the local bar scene. Cameron Robbins, standing a bit over six feet tall at the microphone, was wearing his signature Bourbon Chasers trucker hat and sporting a thick beard. Next to him, Tim KO was shredding a bright white 90’s style Telecaster and Pete LaGrange was seated on a cajon laying down a steady rhythm. After a loud round of applause and a bit of the band's gear shuffling, I sat down with the Bourbon Chasers to find out what inspired these guys.

Cameron – We’re working on our first studio album, “Drinking with you.” We’re hoping for a year 2017 release! The best part about working on the new album is working with your buddies on music you write from the heart, music that means something to you and the prospect of getting it out there for people to hear. I’m also a bit of a gear-head and we’re currently making our own little studio to record the album. We're getting new gear to play with and building a fun space to work in.

Tim – It’s been great seeing the music we’ve been honing come to fruition! During the first year as a band, we focused on playing country and rock covers for pubs and corporate parties. Over time, Cameron has introduced some fun originals that I get to add some tele twang to. Now with Pete on percussion, we’ve really been able to coast the truck downhill like a Georgia overdrive. The album will help us continue on a path and create a more clear direction for us.

Cameron – Some of the inspiration for “Drinking with you” comes from having a band to play with. These guys I play with are so good that you can’t help but want to write songs just to watch and hear everyone collaborate. Another good chunk of inspiration is me finally getting married, finding some love in life and taking that and flipping it, looking at life when you weren’t in love or were heart broken, down on your luck. Finding some happiness has really allowed me to look back on times when I wasn’t, or thought I was, which is a great source of inspiration… surprisingly.

Tim – Inspiration is about having fun with friends too! Without that, there’s nothing.

Cameron – Right on, Tim! Also for me when you hit the pocket and everyone is locked in and just killing a groove, there’s no better feeling. You feel like you can play all night, you look out to the crowd and everyone feels it too… it’s like a drug.

Me – Last question, if you had to spend a year on a dessert island, what three albums do you bring?!

Tim – Three albums? That’s a tough one… Pixie’s “Doolittle.” Beatles “White Album” and “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen. If I can add a forth, it’s “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns n’ Roses.

Cameron – One, James Horner, “Braveheart the Complete Score.” Two, “Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Vol 22,” that one’s a three hour show! Three, Gary Allan, “Get Off the Pain” deluxe edition and if Tim gets four, mine would be Eric Church “The Outsiders.”